video of Shawnee, Ohio live at the Wexner Center and Tecumseh Theater

January 8, 2017

Live performance and Q&A excerpts are from the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio (October 27, 2016), and the Tecumseh Theater, Shawnee, Ohio (October 28, 2016).

Jeremy Woodruff, Flute and Tenor Saxophone
Katie Porter, Bass Clarinet
Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Banjo and Violin
Liz Fisher, Violin
Jocelyn Hach, Viola
Jan Van Voorhis, Cello
Aaron Michael Butler, Vibraphone
Brian Harnetty, Piano and Electronics

Sound/Video Production:
Keith Hanlon, recording engineer, live sound engineer
Kevin Davison, videographer, video editor
Scott Austin, live sound engineer, Wexner Center for the Arts

Special thanks to:
Charles Helm, Wexner Center for the Arts
John Winnenberg, Sunday Creek Associates


Shawnee, OH at the Wexner Center

14876435_10209422494512367_5213790751123504491_oTonight we play Brian Harnetty’s Shawnee, Ohio again at the Wexner Art Center in Columbus. In addition to ghosts, I’m playing with some great musicians. A deeply moving deeply American piece, so happy to be a part of it.

photo by the great banjo player, Anna Roberts-Gevalt

Performance at the ELM Sessions at the Lilypad in Boston, MA


We are happy to announce the first concert of the Experimental Listening & Music Session, at Inman Square’s Lilypad for $10. In addition to the music, copies of Jennie Gottschalk’s new book “Experimental Music Since 1970” will be available for purchase! Join us for the following works:

G. Douglas Barrett – Everything is purged from this composition but Melody, no ideas have entered this work (x100) [2015]

D. Edward Davis – broad call [2016]

Jennie Gottschalk – Consensus [2016]

Ian Power – Buoy (after Laurence Crane) [2015/16]

Laurence Crane – Come back to the old specimen cabinet, John Vigani, John Vinagi III [2007]

D. Edward Davis
Nomi Epstein
Jennie Gottschalk
Katie Porter
Ian Power
Colin Tucker