Listen/Space books of scores!

It’s a big project, but we are finally publishing 3 volumes of scores from our Listen/Space commissions on Frog Peak- 25 works & over 3 hours of recordings. Stay tuned! Here is the cover of VOL 1.



Residency : 2017 Listen/Space Commissions


Stephanie Richards and Katie Porter outside of the practice shed at the cabin- Listen/Space Commissions

This summer we’ll be gathering again for our 3rd annual residency at our cabin.  This year’s commissions feature more chamber music from the group, including a transcription of What Is The Sound Of One Flag for 9 piece chamber ensemble by G Douglas Barrett, a new piece by flutist Christine Tavolacci, ensemble conduction by Stephanie Richards, guest conductor Rei Hotoda, pianist and composer Quentin Tolimieri and movement improvisations with dancer/choreographer Jessica Gaynor.  We will be recording several evenings of group improvisations, and 7 new chamber music pieces.  It will be stellar.


In residence June 23-28, Tollgate Canyon, Utah: Christine Tavolacci (flute/composer, LA), Katie Porter (clarinet, UT), Kristin Olson (oboe, NYC), Nathan Herrera (Saxophone, Santa Barbara), Stephanie Richards (trumpet/composer, San Diego), Kevin Farrell (bass, NYC), Andrew Munsey (drums, San Diego), Devin Maxwell (composer/vibes, UT), Rei Hotoda (conductor, UT), Quentin Tolimieri (piano/composer, Brooklyn) and Jessica Gaynor (movement, Brooklyn).  Additional commissions by André Cormier & G Douglas Barrett.


performing on Notes From Sub-Underground

vox98aa8imxr6vdhu1suNOTES FROM SUB-UNDERGROUND organized by OBJECT COLLECTION!, Jan 20, 1017


I have played the music of many of these artists, or played alongside them.  You can hear me playing bass clarinet on Wayne National Forest by Brian Harnetty.

Organized by Kara Feely and Travis Just of Object Collection:  January 20th is Inauguration Day. To mark this new, challenging, political inflection-point we, the artists involved in this compilation, are releasing Notes from Sub-Underground a collection of material: music, sound, and assorted aural ephemera. It is a project put forth by over 50 artists from across multiple disciplines and practices.

Artists included:

Brian Adler, Casey Anderson, Ranjit Bhatnagar, G. Douglas Barrett, Bob Bellerue, Lea Bertucci, Christopher Botta+String Noise (Conrad Harris+Pauline Kim Harris), Jason Cady, Mallory Catlett/Black-Eyed Susan, Scott Cazan, Carolyn Chen, Tom Chiu, Steve Dalachinsky, Bill Dietz, Dither Guitar Quartet, Brendan Dougherty, Shayna Dunkelman, English (Bonnie Jones +Joe Foster), Kevin Farrell, Jim Findlay, Richard Foreman, iT Boy, Nick Hallett, Brian Harnetty, John Hastings, Ryan Holsopple/31 Down James Ilgenfritz, Jantar, Dan Joseph, David Kant, Catherine Lamb, Zach Layton, Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Jonathan Marmor, Christopher McIntyre, Brian McCorkle, Paula Matthusen, Devin Maxwell, Aaron Meicht, MIL KDU DES, Phill Niblock, Object Collection (Kara Feely+Travis Just),Ensemble Pamplemousse, Fulya Peker, Michael Pisaro, Dean Rosenthal, Matana Roberts, Ric Royer, David Schafer, Aaron Siegel, Andrew C. Smith, Matthew Evan Taylor, Suzanne Thorpe, Quentin Tolimieri, Michael Vincent Waller, Philip White+Melissa Hughes, Owen Weaver+Tristan Perich, Jeremy Woodruff, and MORE COMING

video of Shawnee, Ohio live at the Wexner Center and Tecumseh Theater

January 8, 2017

Live performance and Q&A excerpts are from the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio (October 27, 2016), and the Tecumseh Theater, Shawnee, Ohio (October 28, 2016).

Jeremy Woodruff, Flute and Tenor Saxophone
Katie Porter, Bass Clarinet
Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Banjo and Violin
Liz Fisher, Violin
Jocelyn Hach, Viola
Jan Van Voorhis, Cello
Aaron Michael Butler, Vibraphone
Brian Harnetty, Piano and Electronics

Sound/Video Production:
Keith Hanlon, recording engineer, live sound engineer
Kevin Davison, videographer, video editor
Scott Austin, live sound engineer, Wexner Center for the Arts

Special thanks to:
Charles Helm, Wexner Center for the Arts
John Winnenberg, Sunday Creek Associates


Listen/Space Commissions 2016

Listen/Space Commissions & Residency, June 27-July 3, 2016

dscf3277 (1)


We are spending a week in residence at our cabin!

Announcing the 2016 L/S Commissions and Residency!  We are supremely interested in watching a body of work evolve, so many composers and performers are the same folks, with some wonderful additions including composers Robert Jedrzejewski and Laura Steenberge and composer/performers Stephanie Richards, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Kevin Farrell and Nathan Herrera.

Composers André Cormier, Zack Scott, Jonathan Marmor, Devin Maxwell, Stephanie Richards, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Kevin Farrell and Nathan Herrera, will be in residence with us!!

This year we have 13 new pieces, including several pieces for an improvising ensemble.  Our residency will take place June 27- July 4, 2016.

Composers 2016:  G. Douglas Barrett (Brooklyn, NY), Eric KM Clark (Los Angeles, CA), André Cormier (Moncton, Canada), Kevin Farrell (NYC, NY), Nathan Herrera (Santa Barbara, CA), Travis Just (Brooklyn, NY), Jonathan Marmor (Cambridge, MA), Devin Maxwell (Park City, UT), Andrew Munsey (San Diego, CA), Stephanie Richards (San Diego, CA), Zack Scott (Minneapolis, MN), Laura Steenberge (San Fransisco, CA), and Quentin Tolimieri (Brooklyn, NY).

Ensemble 2016:

Christine Tavolacci, flute
Kristin Olson, oboe
Katie Porter, clarinet
Nathan Herrera, alto sax
Stephanie Richards, trumpet
Eric KM Clark, violin
Robin Streb, viola
Robert Jedrzejewski, cello
Kevin Farrell, bass
Gavin Ryan, vibes
Andrew Munsey, drumset and percussion
Jonathan Marmor, auxiliary percussion
Devin Maxwell, conductor

Devin Maxwell’s Works 2011-14

CD RELEASE, June 24, 2016

I’m performing on Chord Toss 2 for bass clarinet, percussion and electronics.   a0114643543_16

Composer Devin Maxwell releases his first album featuring acoustic and electronic compositions performed by a variety of ensembles. Maxwell’s work is an evolution of concepts and ideas explored by other experimental composers and seeks to challenge the relationship between musical material and form. These compositions, taken as a whole, consider the full gamut of how sound can be organized for effect – silence to noise.


released June 24, 2016

Devin Maxwell
Works 2011-14

1. Bonneville Park (2011, fixed-media electronics)

Flatbush, NY (2012, for string quartet)
2. I 0’ 17”
3. II 0’ 58”
4. III 2’ 05”
5. IV 2’ 12”
Quartetto Maurice

6. Bunt Do Gone (2012, alto saxophone, piano, and fixed-media electronics)
Nathan Herrera, alto saxophone, Devin Maxwell, piano­

7. Chester, NJ (2014, orchestra and fixed-media electronics)
Ostravská Banda, Conducted by Ondřej Vrabecej

8. Drifting (2011, flute, violin, and piano)
Christine Tavolacci, flute, Eric KM Clark, violin, Brendan Nguyen, piano

9. Chord Toss 3 (2013, bass clarinet, vibraphone, and live and fixed-media electronics)
Red Desert Ensemble: Katie Porter, bass clarinet, Devin Maxwell, vibraphone

All compositions copyright Xenia Lou Music/Good Child Music, NY, NY.

Bonneville Park was recorded by Devin Maxwell in October 2011 at the University of Utah electronic music studios.

Flatbush, NY was recorded and mixed by the HighScore Festival on July 31, 2012 at Santa Maria Gualtieri, Pavia, Italy.

Bunt Do Gone was recorded by Devin Maxwell in August 2012 at Listen/Space in Brooklyn, New York.

Chester, NJ was supported by a Graduate Research Fellowship at the University of Utah and was recorded and mixed by Czech Radio on August 24, 2015 at the Ostrava Philharmonic Hall, Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Drifting was commissioned by mmm… Ensemble (Tokyo, Japan) for HIBARI a weekly music magazine to benefit tsunami disaster relief in Japan and was recorded in June of 2015 at the Wild Beast, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California.

Chord Toss 3 was recorded by Devin Maxwell in January 2013 at home in Tollgate Canyon, Utah.

Drifting, Chord Toss 3, Bonneville Park, and Bunt Do Gone were mixed by Devin Maxwell at home in Tollgate Canyon, Utah.

Mastering: Nate Wood at Kersboom Mastering

Front Cover by Phillip Niemeyer at Northern-Southern.
Artist Photo: Rollin Hunt